Finding Friends with the Friend Finder


kids online gameHi there! In a world all about friendship, you need to be able to find your friends, right? That’s why I’m here to explain exactly how your Friend Finder works!


In order to connect with your friends, they need to give you their ‘World Name’ or you can give them yours. Your ‘World Name’ is not the same as your ‘User Name’. When you first join Nakamas and choose your ‘User Name’ you are also given a ‘World Name’ which is generated by the game. The ‘World Name’ generated by the game is the name that you go by in the world.



If you’re not sure what your ‘World Name’ is, it’s easy to find. You can see your ‘World Name’ on the main screen in the top left corner or on the first tab on your Bracelet arm which you can access by clicking the arm button in the bottom left corner of your screen.



Once you have your friend’s ‘World Name’ go to the Friend Finder by clicking on your bracelet arm and click on the tag on your arm marked ‘Add a Friend’. When the Friend Finder pops up, you just type your friend’s ‘World Name’ into the text field and hit the magnifying glass to search. When you see their name pop up, select it and then choose which one of the fabulous Friendship Bracelets you’ve created that you want to send them.


After you’ve sent a Friend Request, you can check your Message Board to see whether they’ve responded. When they accept your Friend Request, you’ll each get an awesome new bracelet to add to your arm!


Making friends in Nakamas is just that easy!

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  1. cathouse2 says:

    I can’t wait to have more friends in Nakamas. >>Mustard Espressobean

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    I need a lot of friends! Sprinkles Whitechocolate is my name! Add me Please!

  3. Hattie says:

    Add me, My name is Sergeantfrog000 and my world is Zeal Seedlings.

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